Shipping and Delivery

  • Will ship products outside Pune city?

Yes, but it depends on the brand. When viewing a product, you can enter your pin code in the box below the price. Click the 'check' button next to the box to see if delivery for this product is available in your area or not.


  • What are the shipping parameters?

Shipping parameters are pin code based and shipping charges are included in final offer prices.


  • When will my order be delivered?

Delivery period will vary based on the brand and the product depending on factors like product availability and delivery location. That said, our staff will ensure your product reaches you as quickly as possible.


  • Who is responsible for the delivery of my order?

The brand whose product you are buying will be responsible, either directly or via our delivery partners. is not responsible for delivery unless it is specifically mentioned on the platform.


  • What are the delivery charges? How will the variable delivery charges be calculated?

Delivery charges are included in the offer prices offered by brands themselves. For outstation deliveries, city-wise delivery charges based on distance, weight/size will apply


  • Will assembly assistance be provided for ready-to-assemble products?

Assembly will be provided by the seller/manufacturer after the product is delivered, unless specifically mentioned or intimated by the brand/seller.


  • How do I check the estimated delivery time of my offer?

You can check your estimated delivery time at the time of purchase. It may vary depending on the seller of the product, which is mentioned on the respective brand and product listing.


  • How can I track my order?

You can track your order by logging into your account and clicking "Track your order" and filling in the required fields. Once you are logged in, your updates will be visible. Each brand will update the tracking information individually.


  • Can I choose the date and time of delivery that is preferable to me?

No, the delivery time depends on the route and estimated delivery time given by the respective brands.


  • Can I cancel my order at any point?

No, there is no cancellation in furniture orders as they are made to order or sourced based on customer requirement. Kindly refer to our Returns & Refunds Policyhere.

  • If individual brands deliver their products, will intervene in case of complaints? Or will brands be solely responsible for complaints and their resolution as well?

Yes, complaints will be addressed by the individual brands themselves. However, will address the grievances if raised by the customer on the website. The email ID to address such grievances is mentioned on our our Returns & Refunds Policy. Please note:


    • There is an emergency telephone line in place to take grievance calls.
    • There is support email ID in place to resolve customer queries.
    • In case of delays in deliveries, will do everything it can to expedite delivery by coordinating with the respective brands.


  • Will or the brand contact me regarding the status of my order?

Yes. You will be informed when the product is being shipped and the shipping details can be viewed in your user account.


  • We recommend you inspect the product before accepting the order.
    1. If you have ordered a product that requires wall installation, please decide where you want it to be installed prior to delivery and instruct the delivery team where it should be installed. Please ensure you have all necessary approvals for any drilling etc. that may be required to fix wall items in your home. Any requests with respect to shifting the product after installation will attract separate charges depending on the product, brand, and number of persons involved for shifting it.
    2. For seating products, we recommend that you should sit on the item to ensure the structure is stable and can take your weight.
    3. For products designed to be kept on the floor, make sure they stand evenly on the floor. In case the floor is uneven, chances are the product will not stand firmly and evenly on all its legs. In such a situation, the seller's team will address the issue and ensure it stands on all legs evenly.
    4. We make sure that internal areas of storage products are well finished, eliminating loose pieces/splinters but the extent of polish on internal surfaces may not match the extend of polish on external areas.
    5. Wood has natural qualities like grain patterns, minimal stain differences and small knots which do not impact the product. These knots will be filled with putty and polished to ensure they do not hamper the product. Knots that affect structural stability of the product are rejected at the quality control stage while differing grain patterns and stain differences are generally acceptable on hard wood products.
    6. Hardwood products may expand during monsoon months, causing some drawers to get stuck. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. Upon your request, our customer care team and after-sales team will come by and sand the sides of the product to ensure smooth movement again. Such services may attract charges, which are decided by the seller and service team of the seller. will not have any say in these services.